Posted on: July 31, 2008 3:49 am

1st base.... next year

Have the Royals concidered bringing up 1st baseman Kila Kaaihue?This guy could be the answer at 1st the Royals have been waiting for.Kaaihue was just promoted to AAA after hitting .314 ,26 homers,and 79 rbi's in 91 games at AA Northwest Arkansas. If the Royals are still searching for a power hitting 1st baseman next season, Kaaihue could be the guy.He is 24 years old and entering the prime of his carrer.Butler should be figuring things out by next season,and i think we all agree that Ross Gload is a backup.So why not bring the Hawaiian Punch to K.C.?

I say let Butler and Kaaihue battle for the position next year,and end the Ross Gload era! Our first baseman can't be hitting .269 w/ 2 homers,and 25 rbi's.Not if they want to be a contender.

That's all i got,later. - A.P.   GO ROYALS!

Posted on: July 17, 2008 6:01 am
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pretty damn good beer!

as i stated when i first started this blog .....somtimes ill talk about nothing reguarding sports.i also said that i would talk about my love of beer.well i bought some bud light lime beer.and i consumed many of them along with some other spirits! i must say that the Bud Light w/lime was pretty damn tastey!i also enjoy a sam adams summer ale. if you havent tried them they are delicious!especially the Sam A dams summer ale!.......well thats all i got this morning dude's. have a good one!

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Posted on: July 15, 2008 5:51 am
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My 2nd half Royals lineup

 This is the lineup i would like to see the Royals open up with after the ALL STAR break....

1.David DeJesus: alot of people think David should move down to 3rd...... but that's not gonna happen.

2.Mike Aviles:what can you say about this dude?if it's not broke don't fix it!(it would be good if he would stop looking to 2nd base when he has a play at home!)that's twice mike!

3.Mark Grudzielanek: mr.2000 is a pretty good bet to hit the ball to right field,or at least move the runners into scoring position.

4.Jose Guillen:65 rbi's? i don't care what his mouth long as hit bat speaks louder!

5.Alex Gordon: he should start to come around.remember last season he played very well in the 2nd half! but he has to cut down on the friggin strikouts!

6.Billy Butler:this should be a comfortable position to hit in for Butler.not to much pressure.and should get plenty of rbi chances!

7.Miguel Olivo: John Buck should be the backup Olivo give us a power threat deep in the lineup.

8.Mark Teahen: if he wants to bat higher in the batting order......only when Buck is catching.

9.Ross Gload: he is to valuble to be out of the lineup, because of  his defense.otherwise i like Joey Gathright here also,he give the Royals an element posessed by few players in baseball.and plays great defense!

who needs to go?- Jimmy Gobble and Joel Peralta....why not bring Carlos Rosa back? and when is Leo Nunez coming back?




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Posted on: July 13, 2008 5:36 am

David's walk off homer

Wow! That was great!David keeps proving himself game after game.And still no love for the guy?This dude is clutch period! If your not a fan of D.D. If anyone thinks David DeJesus is not an all star calibur player ,they need to look closer.DeJesus proved again tonight that with men on base nobody in baseball right now is better than him.He is developing into the best leadoff man in the league!

And the walk off was awsome....nice to see the team having fun!

By the way ,is anyone else already tired of all the Brett Favre coverage? Hey Favre ,just enjoy your Wrangler jeans endorsment money and retire!

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Posted on: July 12, 2008 8:00 am

David Dejesus should be an All Star!!

I believe David DeJesus was snubbed by the voters.this guy has been one if the most exciting players to wear a Royals uniform in a long time! a 306 batting avg.92 base hits,49 rbi's and 40 runs scored.and he plays through injury's.David has the leagues best avg. With RISP- (RUNNERS IN SCORING POSITION) David gives it 100% all the time...did you see effort it took to catch that crazy liner to center?amazing catch!i am also very proud of the Royals Jokim "the mexicutioner" Soria! this man earned it! way to go Soria!! i would love to see you save the game for the A.L.! good luck Soria!  N.L. beware...... There is no escape from the MEXICUTIONER!
Posted on: July 11, 2008 3:59 am

Favre coming to k.c??

Ive been reading alot of different blog on this subject ,and read several articles saying that Brett would be willing to come to Kansas City.and the Vikings and Panthers.i don't see why everyone is getting so excited?this will not happen!first of all why would he come to olay for the Chiefs?this team is not a contender.and why would the Chiefs want an old, but great QB,when they have made a commitment to go young.they have spent too much time grooming Brodie Croyle, to scrap this seasons plans for one last hurrah from would be cool to see Brett in a Chiefs uniform....about 5 years ago!maybe we could have won the"no punt" playoff game at home against the Colts.(although i blame the defense, and the offensive pass interferance on Tony Gonzalez's td)sorry i didnt mean to get off the topic, i just went on a small frustrating rant .my apologies.  later-A.P.


Posted on: July 10, 2008 6:02 am

still mad about the Butler bunt!

ok im finally over it,it happened and theres nothing that will change it. but damn!Trey what were you thinking? Billy Butler bunting?sorry i guess im not over it concidering we blew a 5 run lead now Trey Hillman's bone head mistake is even worse!we had both of these game and let them slip away again! but at least Hillman didnt ask Billy to bunt.that crap may work in Japan but in America we let the power hitters hit!     later- A.P.

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Posted on: July 8, 2008 9:30 am

Tony Gonzalez saves Charger Choker

forget the superbowl rings,for get the playoff loses.this has nothing to do with that.this is a class act period!when everyone stood around looking at this man choking on a bite of steak,Tony ran to the man's assistance and performed the Heimlich maneuver on the man.resulting in saving the choking victims life.Ken Hunter a San Diego Chargers fan said "tony gonzalez saved my life,and i am now a Chiefs fan"    Tony is so great he converted a Charger fan to the Chiefs!!
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